Shipping Policy shipping policy as follows, we offering free* shipping on engines and transmissions all over United States (USA). We can ship anywhere in the neighboring U.S. including residential and commercial addresses. You must provide a valid working phone number prior to your shipment leaving. If you do not provide this, your shipment will be delayed.

We do not offer free shipping. We charge accordingly depending on your location. Please email / call us with your zip code / postal code so that we may be able to get an accurate shipping quote for you.

Do not sign the release documents without fully inspecting the outer packaging for noticeable signs of damage. The freight companies will not let you open up the packaging prior to signing, therefore you must note any signs of damage based on the external packaging. Shipping insurance is provided by the freight company, not by If you sign the form and do not note any possible damages, the freight company will be relieved of all responsibility and you will not be reimbursed for any damages done to your shipment caused during shipping. You must notify engine of any damages caused by mishandling during shipping. Once again, please do not sign the release form or let the driver leave without first inspecting the packaging for possible damages.

We get considerable discounts with several leading freight companies. These discounts are passed on to our customers. The price for shipping is located on the product page near the price. Some items may require a toll free call for a quote. Residential fees are sometimes applied when the shipping company has to switch trucks for a residential delivery. To avoid these fees, we can deliver to any commercial business or a local freight terminal for pickup. Please contact us to find out where and when these fees apply.